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Whether through live training calls and tutorials, help documents, and a rapid turnaround time on support tickets, our Client Services team are here to help you thrive.

Have an upcoming challenge - our expert team is here to help you unlock the power of engage.in.

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We make the migration of your data and training of your team members a breeze. Our experts consult and learn about your organization and specific needs, allowing us to rapidly set up your new home in our wholly integrated system.

No need to burden yourself with data clean-up, formatting and imports - leave it to us!

Set up

Set up your new engage.in account, your unlimited users, and quickly feel right at home.


Avoid the headache of cleaning your legacy data, avoiding duplication and formatting. Leave it with us.


We bring your cleaned legacy data into your new engage.in system.


With live training sessions, your team is quickly onboarded and set up for success.


Getting started is easy, and we're there with you every step of the way.


Meet our team and sit down with us. Share your dreams, needs, and current pain points.


Let us tailor engage.in to your unique needs, making your data come to life in a way that makes sense to you.


Our expert team brings your data into Engage.in, with finishing touches just for you and your unique needs.


It's time for your first log in to your new engage.in home.

Client Services

Meet your new Best Friends. Whether through live training calls and tutorials, help documents, Concierge services, and a rapid turnaround time on support tickets, our Client Services Team are here to help you unlock the power of Engage.in.


A well-trained team is a successful team. Let's set you up for success.

  • Live Training Sessions
  • Help Guides and Support Documents
  • Rapid Turnaround Support Tickets
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

Strategic Services

Have an upcoming project or goal? Our team can help.

  • Business Process Consulting
  • Data Insights
  • Communications and Messaging Support
  • Design, Branding and Web Support
  • Leverage our Experience

White Glove Support

Want your problems to go away - we'll take care of that.

  • Advanced Setup Assistance
  • Emergency Support
  • Concierge Services
  • Industry-leading Turnaround
  • Direct Line for instant answers

Custom Reporting

Our Data Team can configure custom dynamic reports and dashboards that are all tailored to you.

Guess what? Reports can automatically generate and send to a set audience at a recurring time ensuring the latest information is always shared and reviewed. See all activity like when things are viewed and by who.

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Data Support

Improve the quantity, quality and value of your data. Build actionable intelligence.

Our experts work with your organization to take full advantage of your existing data, augment records, and make sure newly collected information is properly merged.

Data Quality

Our team will work with your organization to identify any data quality issues as well as opportunities to enhance your source list.

Workflow and Automation

With our data and technical experts, your organization can create systems to automatically execute engagement activities and internal organization processes.

Cleaning and Merging

Ensure cleanliness and quaility data as our team helps import and merge numerous source files and legacy data.

Enhancement and Augmentation

Acquisition of demographic and socioeconomic data to enhance basic contact information data.

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Empower your organization to better engage your audience with our out-of-the-box fully integrated suite of tools.

Unlock the power of doing everything in one place.

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