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Give People context they deserve.

engage.in scores your people and helps you communicate and track in the right way at the right time.

Roles and Groups

People are complicated - keep track of a Person's many Roles and Groups. Use linked phone and email addresses to ensure you are using the right asset at the right time.


Splice People into custom Segments and Subsegments to effectively track and communicate. Do it manually or let engage.in take control with calculated subsegments.


Engagement, Relationship and Financial. Instantly see how you are relating to a contact with scores. View you entire history like mass email activity, form submissions, event attendance, orders and more.

engage.in Person Page


Stakeholders, partners, customers, companies and more.

Store and engage the organizations you care about.


Create Roles to connect a Person to your Groups. Add unique communication assets for each Role to ensure you are communicating with the person in the right capacity. Update a Role to a new Person as they come and go, while keeping a history of who held the Role previously.

Custom fields and Group Types

Custom fields and Group Types reflect the unqiue realities of the Groups your organization works with. Add additional context and querying power.

Opportunities, Projects, and Notes

Use Opportunities, Projects, and Notes to keep track of how you are relating to a Group and their activity with your organization.

Group Hierarchy

Parenting of groups accomodate the complex organizational structures of your clients and stakeholders.


Fully-integrated tools to get your message out there, and know where it's working and where it's not.

Say goodbye to the challenges and costs of managing multiple systems and services.

Mass Email

Send out targeted communications. And after you've sent your email, see all your activity like link clicks. You can even change a link after the email is sent.

Get granular detail at your findertips like when each recipient opened their email or clicked on any of your links.

Mass Autodial

Send out pre-recorded messages or phone surveys to ensure your message is heard, whether an emergency communication or to get feedback.


From RSVP events to complex multiday conferences, our event management and forms can handle it all.

Send personalized invitations, require access codes to purchase certain tickets, or use custom logic for different pricing and publishing dates.


Sell your Products, create custom pages for each product, and even restrict certain products or give special procing to specific users.


Store, Orders, Forms and Resources.

A secure logged-in area to shop in a store tailored with custom pricing and products for a user, complete custom forms and applications, and view shared files.

Use different Portal Access types to create curated experiences for your different types People.


Subscribe, Contact Us, Surveys, Petitions, Volunteer or Applications forms. Build and publish it all.

See all your responses, incomplete submissions, shared files, and powerful analytic Dashboards in engage.in.


Publish your latest news, press releases, major updates and stories easily through engage.in to your website.


Our integrated financial area lets you manage your Orders, and see your Transactions and Transfers.


Keep on top of Orders created from your Store or Event Forms. Or manually create one.

View invoices, transaction histories, or issue a refund. Analytics Dashboards give your organization powerful insights to help you make data-driven decisions.


Do you have membership fees, monthly donations or recurring products? Subscriptions tie recurring payments and orders together, however you need.


View your payments and refunds in one place, and get custom Risk Evaluations.

Transaction Groups lets you quickly track multiple payments and refunds on a specific order.


Keep a line of sight. See funds go directly to your bank account, and track which orders make up the transfer.


Context matters. Organize People into custom segments to see and engage the right people.


People have many different phone numbers, emails, and Roles for different reasons.

engage.in allows you to choose which phone, email, or Role to use when adding a Person to a specific segment to ensure your message is delivered in the right way.


Send targeted communications to the right people at the right time.

Whether sending a Mass Email, Mass Autodial, or sending an invite to an exclusive Event, you can be sure your reaching the right people.

E.in Bot

E.in Bot does the work for you.

Use calculated segments to ensure no person is left behind. Set up criteria like purchasing a product, attending an event, or responding a certain way to a survey and E.in bot will bring all those people together.


Plan, Track and Manage. All in one place.


Keep track of people participating in your project to effectively engage them at the right time with the right method.


Gather the Groups a project is targeting in a centralized place.


Calendar events and assigning tasks to your users and user teams ensure your project is a resounding success, and on time.

Notes and Interactions

Information is key. Keep track of your touchpoints and meetings, phone calls, email correspondence and more. Link People and Groups to your note for due diligence.

Use custom Categories to easily search for the information you need at any given time.


Store important files like contracts or presentations for due diligence. Share files externally while tracking activity like views and downloads.

Image Description


More than just revenue-generating events. Its about relationship building.


Create opportunities for People and track their lifetime connection to your organization.


Pursue leads with your customers or potential partners and see how your relationshup evolves over time.


Automatically create opportunities from form submissions as you get Sales leads or key stakeholders reaching out.


Tie opportunities to a specific project whether it is a quarterly sales goal or an infrastructure development you need community support for.


Send automated communications to people as they progress through the stages of your Opportunity. Include links to additional forms requiring completion, or provide secure access to helpful resource documents.

Users and System Settings

What makes engage.in different?

User Teams

Add your users to specific user teams to ensure that the correct level of access is given to the right user. Easily change a user's teams to quickly increase or limit what they see.

User Access and Security

Set up custom user access on Projects, Notes, and Forms to ensure only the users and user teams who should see something, see it. Detailed timelines show you all the views, edits, deletes and downloads taken by users.


For organizations with subsidiaries or independent departments, subaccounts create entirely separate and siloed engage.in environments within your enterprise system, while allowing oversight from the parent organization.

Unlimited Users

Avoid having to pay-per-user, and get your entire team logged in, and harnessing the power of engage.in.

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